Thicken your hair in 30 seconds!

Without Viviere

With Viviere

Without Viviere

With Viviere

            Extremely easy to use

1. Spray Viviere Volume Fibres on your hair.

2. Spread the fibres gently with your finger tips.

3. Use the boosting spray. You are done!

How to thicken your hair within 30 Seconds-Demo Video Viviere Volume Fibres

Viviere Volume Fibre and Boosting Spray


  • contains two items(a can of hair fibres and a bottle of boosting spray).
  • thickens hair, up to four times its volume in just 30 seconds.
  • conceals outgrowth
  • excellent for people with thinning hair 
  • Can increase confidence and the quality of life

How does this work?

Viviere Volume fibres contain natural cotton fibres that when sprayed on hair, instantly make them thicker. Viviere boosting spray complements this by attaching the  fibers onto your hair making sure that your hair remains beautiful the whole day. 

Hair Volume Fibres
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35,00 €

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