Shampoos and Conditioners for African hair

Because African hair is by nature usually dry, it needs a lot of moisturizing to keep some elasticity. Not using the right shampoo for African hair strips it of its natural oils and dries it  leading to the development of dandruff and even worse breakage. It is extremely important to use deep conditioning shampoos and conditioners that meet the needs of delicate curly and coarse hair.

Conditioning Shampoos

After washing/shampooing your hair, you need to condition it. Conditioners are particularly important  for multicultural and black hair because curly, coarse and frizzy hair is particularly prone to dryness and therefore needs moisture more than any other type of hair.

  • conditioners add moisture to the hair by replacing the oils that are removed in the shampooing process. 
  • They  make it easier to detangle knots and tight curls and thereby help in styling and keeping hair manageable.
  • Make hair easy to comb and style 

Conditioners to soften and detangle hair after shampooing

Must be rinsed out!!!*

Leave-in Conditioners keep hair soft and manageable

Do not rinse out!!!!*