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Are you an expatriate? Are you exotic? Do you live in Europe? Are you tired of walking around searching for African hair products; hair relaxers and hair extensions in far-flung Afro shops?

Do you find yourself wondering where to get the right Make-up for your exotic skin?


Look no further.


Black Beauty Store is an Afro online shop right in the center of Europe with a wide range of African hair products and black skin products. We stock hair extensions and hair relaxers from top brands like Organic Root Stimulator and Lusters. We also stock make-up especially made for people of color from the world's leading brands Black Opal and Sacha.


The best part  is that you don’t have to get out of your home to get whatever you need. You browse and choose exactly what is right for you. And then we do the rest.

Morimax pure virgin natural oils for hair and skin

Everyone needs a wig for a bad hair day! (Wigs, Synthetic Hair)

Black Opal Make-up in Europe

Hair color: Cover your gray hair- Bigen, Dark and Lovely, Dark and Natural, Dr. Cover....

Hair Relaxers: ORS, Creme of Nature, Dark and Lovely, Pink and many more...

African hair care products;Hair extensions,Hair pieces,

Get your hair extensions and hair pieces.

Get sprays for your hair.

Get rid of dandruff!

Afro hair care products for children and the family

Afro Make-up

"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural."

(Calvin Klein)

Don't just wear any make-up. Get the right Make-up for your skin tone. It is only the right Make-up that looks natural.


Foundations and concealers create a beautiful flawless skin tone.

Use oil blocking powders to control shine.

Skin Care Products for Soft Smooth Skin

Wondering how to get a smooth glowing skin? Check out our skin care products.


See our brands


Black Beauty Store is the leading online Afro-shop in Europe. We have a wide range of African hair and skin products especially made for Africans, Caribbeans, black Americans, Afro-Europeans, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Arabs, Afro-Indians and any mixed race person. We are the number one expatriate Shop in Europe!


Nothing is as intimate as what we use on our bodies. Whether for our hair, our face or our skin, none of us is comfortable shopping for these products in random places. We all want to have a trusted partner to go to for our hair relaxers, hair products for our children, skin products and of course make-up. For expatriates living abroad who have different needs from the mainstream, this can pose quite a challenge.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner for all your beauty needs.

Why us?

  • We are a certified cosmetics Retailer!
  • Free shipping in Germany
  • We ship within 24 hours.
  • You can order and pay on delivery!
  • Shop from the comfort of your home
  • Excellent customer service 




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