Help!!! My hair is breaking. What can I do to stop or minimize the breakage?

This is unfortunately one of the most common questions we get asked. The reason ethnic hair is particularly prone to breakage is because the curly points are often delicate and weak. Contrary to popular belief, ethnic hair is not 'strong and tough'. In its natural state, it tends to be very dry and is therefore prone to breakage.Combing, relaxing/perming, pulling, using too much heat, keeping braids or weaves for too long are some of the things that can aggravate this situation. Here are our tips for stopping the breakage:

Use the right shampoos and conditioners:

Ethnic hair is naturally dry. By using a conditioner, you infuse moisture and protect it from becoming brittle and eventually breaking. Make sure to use shampoos specifically made for ethnic hair. They will moisturize your hair and not leave it dry.

Deep conditioning treatment

Conditioning treatments are essential. Apply conditioning treatments every so often. If you are wondering how often, every two weeks would be excellent.

Protect your hair when using heat

Blow drying, pressing, using a hot comb are some of the ways we use heat on hair. Be sure to protect your hair when exposing it to heat. Dax Pressing Oil  and Wave Noveau Wrap Humectant are particularly popular. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!

We can not repeat this enough. The single most important thing to remember is that ethnic hair is naturally dry. Anything that takes the moisture away from it makes it more vulnerable to breakage. 

Last but not least, be kind to your hair. Don't neglect it. Do not wear weaves and braids for too long!