Futura heat resistant clip-in hair extensions

EL Clip-in Extension Futura hair 1B

Classic weaving where the weaves are sewn in is great. But it is not for everyone. For some of us, the braiding and the sewing leaves our scalp so tight and irritated that it makes it difficult to enjoy our new weaves. If any of these describes you, then clip-in extensions might be the right ones for you.

  • you want something that you can do yourself(one does not need to go to a hair dresser to fix the clip-in extensions) You simply clip the hairs in at home.
  • your scalp itches so much after classic weaving
  •  you want to be able to once in a while add length depending on mood.
  • You want to add volume
  • You want to save money spent on hair dressers 

Why we like Futura Hair:

  • Futura Hair Clip-in hair extensions are a special high quality type of heat resistant hair extensions that can be washed, dried and conditioned like normal hair.
  • With Futura Hair, one can change their appearance and look gorgeous without changing the extension.
  • They can be curled and straightened.

Product details: Futura Hair 100% Human Hair Same

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Color: 1B

Futura hair clip-in hair extensions 1B

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